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As the UV water treatment industry has matured, increasingly sophisticated tools have helped to bring about a steady improvement in the performance of UV systems. Among these is CFD modelling, which has allowed the complex flow through UV chambers to be understood as never before.

One of the great challenges that society faces is meeting the needs of a growing global population within the sustainable limits of the planet's natural resources and ecosystems. Helping to build a green economy – where economic, environmental and social well-being are equally valued – is part of the answer. But does water innovation fit into a green economy? And can UV treatment contribute?

An important environmental treaty has just been ratified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to help tackle a major environmental threat to the world’s oceans, and ultraviolet water treatment offers ship owners a clean and reliable way of meeting the new requirements.

There is something instinctive about our love of sunlight. Most people would say that they feel better after being outdoors on a bright, sunny day without knowing why. As our understanding of UV light properties and effects on organisms has developed over the decades, we better understand its effect on humans and we’ve learned to harness the power of the sun to improve human health.