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PCIM Europe is the leading international conference and exhibition for power electronics, renewable energy, intelligent motion and energy management. Christoph Simon, part of the Eco-UV development team at KIT, presented his paper entitled “EMI considerations on MHz inverters” at this year’s event, which was held at Nuremberg in Germany from 16th to 18th May.

UV treatment has been accepted as an effective and safe means of disinfecting water. However, in order to work efficiently to deliver the required UV dose, a system must be accurately designed. Good chamber design can help achieve this, but the properties of the process liquid itself are also critical.

Eco-UV partners Hanovia and DVGW were both among the organisations presenting at a recent seminar in London on the important and developing subject of UV system validation.

Water is the most critical resource for life even in today’s high-tech world, and its safe supply continues to present considerable challenges to both governments and the private sector across the world. Regulations governing the treatment of water have evolved as the water industry has evolved, with the increased use of UV treatment in place of other disinfection methods being just one aspect of this development. Future changes are likely to be more dramatic; as the world’s population continues to grow and exert even greater pressure on freshwater resources, regulations will need to cope with new sources of water to ensure they are fit for purpose.